The driver, who survived the capture, came under fire in Soledar

On July 31, our driver Bohdan, who survived captivity, conducted two evacuations from Soledar, and as a result of which about 20 people and 2 animals were saved. During the second evacuation, his car was fired upon with people inside. Debris hit three sides of the car. It injured one passenger who for some reason did not bend down when the driver gave such a command.

Leaving the danger, Bohdan immediately provided first aid to the injured passenger. The doctors found out that the fragment hit our evacuee in the area near the vertebra, but did not go beyond the soft tissues. We at the Help People NGO were happy to see that the passenger himself remains cheerful and smiling. He spent several days in the hospital and went on to resettle.

We accommodated all evacuees in one of the Dnipro dormitories.