Humanitarian aid

Humanitarian support of the population is one of the most important missions of the Help People NGO. We deliver humanitarian aid to occupied territories, hot spots and places of residence where people cannot buy the most necessary products and hygiene products. On this page you will find the most necessary information about receiving humanitarian aid from “Help People” and our Partners.

Who is entitled to humanitarian aid?

Everyone without exception has the right to receive humanitarian aid, the category of the population that has fallen into a difficult situation due to hostilities on the territory of Ukraine. Priority is given to vulnerable segments of the population with social statuses such as: a person with a disability, a pensioner, a single mother or father, a large family, a recipient of assistance to low-income families, in particular from among internally displaced persons, as well as:

Regions of aid delivery

Current regions of systematic delivery of humanitarian aid as of August 1, 2022 (reviewed weekly):

What exactly do we help?

Humanitarian aid is not a fixed list of food or anything, we usually provide food, medicine and hygiene products that we buy or receive from donors

How does it work?

1. File a request for humanitarian aid
2. Wait for the coordinator’s call. If we have the opportunity, we will help you.