About us

Welcome to the charity HelpPeople!

You are at the epicenter of security, help, and boundless love. We are the ones from the first day war in Ukraine evacuates people from hot spots to places where they can exhale. Away from explosions, shootings, food and water shortages. Away from fear and sirens. Away from the war.

For refugees, we have organized places to live with food, water and everything you need for a safe life. Our goal is to help, so everything from evacuation to the roof over your head, food and provisions – provided free of charge. We have places in Lviv, Chernivtsi and other cities of the country. We can accommodate more than 30,000 people.

During the month of the war we worked actively. Delivered more than 100 tons of provisions for people around Ukraine. Funds from the USA and Europe have joined us. More than $ 100,000 was raised for the purchase transport, fuel and provisions. We are very grateful to all our partners who are not indifferent to fate citizens of Ukraine. Together we do everything in our power for the good and safety of the people. Together we let`s do more! We are not afraid of anything together!